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How Seniors Can Maintain Good Brain Health

How Seniors Can Maintain Good Brain Health

Seniors need to maintain good brain health to prevent mental and cognitive diseases like dementia and depression. Maintaining good brain health also makes daily living activities easier to perform and accomplish. At CAREPARK HOME CARE, we help seniors with activities that they can do to keep their brains active and healthy. Here are some of these activities we help seniors at our home health care agency in New York City, New York:

  • Playing board games or puzzles.
    These games engage seniors’ minds into analytical thinking and problem-solving. Our skilled nursing in New York encourages seniors to answer crossword puzzles or play board games like chess or scrabble.
  • Learning something new.
    Not only does learning a new hobby or skill keep seniors’ cognitive ability active, but it is also enjoyable for them to do at home.
  • Managing stress at all times.
    Seniors must relieve stress to relax their minds and prevent it from developing to depression. Professionals at our home care suggest regular exercise paired with a healthy diet not only to reduce stress but also to improve their overall health.

By doing these activities, seniors also improve their memory. Moreover, our home health aides make sure to monitor seniors and help right away for any signs of depression or developing symptoms of dementia.

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