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Making Sure Your Elders’ Wounds Don’t Get Infected

Making Sure Your Elders’ Wounds Don’t Get Infected

Our elders have very delicate health. They don’t heal quickly from wounds, for instance. Unlike younger individuals, the cells in their bodies don’t reproduce as fast. This means prolonged healing and the risk of getting infected.

If you’re giving elderly care whether to a relative or a client, it’s important to make sure that the risk of infection is minimized in the unfortunate event that they are wounded. So, how does one keep wounds from getting infected?

Because the infection is caused by bacteria, the first step to avoiding infection is to keep the area around the wound clean. This means that you should wash the wound immediately after the injury. Use anti-bacterial soap and water to thoroughly clean the wound, and a clean towel to wipe it clean.

Depending on the severity of the wound, you might need to apply dressings and bandages to keep the wound dry and to stop the bleeding. If there is continuous bleeding, you will need to periodically change the dressings to keep them dry. Moisture attracts bacteria, and thus, raising the risk of infection.

Skilled nursing in New York can help you render first aid to your elders’ wounds, and teach you how to apply dressings and bandages to keep the wound clean.
Last but not the least, you must learn to embody the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” Light housekeeping can improve the safety of the home and prevent your elderly relatives from getting injured in the first place.

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