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Easy-To-Do Healthy Meals for Seniors

Easy-To-Do Healthy Meals for Seniors

CAREPARK HOME CARE has been caring for families as a preferred provider of skilled nursing in New York. Our wide range of care services not just address issues about your medical condition. Our services extend to ensure your overall health.

As a home health care agency in New York City, New York, we understand how proper nutrition is important. This is even more crucial as our loved ones age. Seniors become more vulnerable to diseases and the decreased function of the digestive system may reduce the full absorption of vitamins into the body.

Choosing the right meal that complements your dietary requirement and your medical condition can be complicated. Our home health aides can provide support for meal preparation and planning. This ensures your loved one gets to eat the healthiest meal recommended.

The following menu is only a sample. Talking with a dietician to discuss ideal meals and more food options is ideal.

  • Breakfast
    To start the day, take it easy on a half wheat bagel. A moderate amount of peanut butter can be applied. Medium-sized fruits such as a banana can be eaten along with coffee or milk as the drink of choice.
  • Lunch
    Continue eating healthy with whole wheat tuna sandwich with chopped celery and medium leaf lettuce. Spare space for baby carrots or a quarter cup of raisins. Finish the meal with a cup of low-fat milk.
  • Dinner
    Garden salad can look appetizing with cucumbers, cubed avocado, garbanzo beans, cheddar cheese, and topped with ranch dressing. Freshwater completes the natural meal.

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