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Safety Precautions at Home for People With Dementia

Safety Precautions at Home for People With Dementia

Making our houses safe and comfortable is the essence of why we call them our home. As CAREPARK HOME CARE offers dementia care and aide, dementia patients can feel safe in their homes and maintain their wellbeing. Our home health care agency in New York City, New York, helps create a safe environment for them to stay and move around free from falls and accidents.

Mostly, dementia patients will experience changes in their behavior, senses, and judgment, depending on the disease’s stage. These changes may put them in danger even at home; that is why our home health aides will keep them safe and are ready to respond to emergencies.

People with dementia tend to look straight ahead; thus, getting rid of tripping hazards like wirings, rugs, short racks, and low tables is a must to prevent them from falling. As part of light housekeeping, decluttering around and installing locks for cabinets and drawers with tools, chemicals, medicines, and other disorienting items keep accidents at bay, especially in the kitchen and the garage.

On the other hand, a caregiver can ensure safety at home by removing bedroom and bathroom locks to prevent getting locked inside the rooms. Safety devices at home such as fire extinguishers and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should also be ready and working.

A safe home for people with dementia should involve not only equipping the house with safety tools but also having a positive environment where patients can relax and socialize. Our skilled nursing in New York also makes sure to keep patients safe during in-home recreational activities.

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