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Effective Flu Prevention in the Elderly

Effective Flu Prevention in the Elderly

The elderly are at higher risk of developing serious complications if they get the flu. This increased risk is partly caused by changes in the immune system that come with aging. While flu seasons differ in severity, during most seasons, people who are 65 years old and above bear the greatest burden of severe flu disease.

The best protection against flu is getting vaccinated. Complete elderly care includes having your senior loved ones vaccinated. The flu vaccine has a lot of benefits – it can reduce flu illnesses and the risk of more serious flu outcomes that may result in hospitalization or death. Flu vaccination has also been shown to reduce the severity of illness in those who get vaccinated but still get sick.

Flu vaccines are updated each season to keep up with changing viruses and strains. Immunity usually wanes over a year and this is why vaccination must be done annually. Since immunity decreases quickly in older people, it is very important that they don’t get vaccinated too early. September and October are good times to be vaccinated if you are 65 years old or older. Our skilled nursing in New York can assist you with flu vaccinations.

Seniors who are prone to getting sick with the flu are also recommended to stay at home. If they need assistance, our home health care agency in New York City, New York can be there for them.

For your flu vaccination and home care queries, call CAREPARK HOME CARE today! Our agency also offers light housekeeping services to keep you safe from bacteria and viruses that accumulate in your home and cause infections.

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