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The Subtle Signs of Malnourishment in Seniors

The Subtle Signs of Malnourishment in Seniors

Senior nutrition is a big concern for most families. As we age, activities such as grocery shopping, cooking, and even basic personal care routines become overwhelming.

This decline in physical activities is enough to put any senior in danger of malnourishment. If you are worried that your loved one may not be eating right, CAREPARK HOME CARE is here to share some of the subtle signs of malnourishment. Take a look:

  • Drastic changes in weight

    We don’t only mean weight loss. A person can be obese and still be malnourished. So it is important to take note of your loved one’s weight every time you pay them a visit.

    If you are really worried, investing in a Home Health Care Agency in New York City, New York can be the next best thing for your senior.

  • New or worsening health/medical conditions

    Yes, it’s normal to have a few health issues here and there as we age, but if you notice that your senior is always sick, suffering from infections, or is in constant need of medical attention, you need to start paying more attention to their health conditions.

Skilled Nursing in New York can help. You also need to make sure that your loved one is getting all the nutrients he or she needs.

If you need help caring for your senior, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll handle everything from meal preparations, cooking, running errands, and even Light Housekeeping. Dial 718-765-6900 to get in touch.

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