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Challenging Mealtimes with Picky Seniors

Challenging Mealtimes with Picky Seniors

Changes in one’s appetite are normal with aging. These changes can either cause seniors to lose their appetites or become picky eaters.

This unwillingness to eat can put your loved one in danger of malnourishment. So CAREPARK HOME CARE is here to give you a few quick tips on dealing with your picky seniors. Take a look:

  • Make and follow a consistent meal and snack schedule.

    A regular mealtime routine can help your senior’s body adjust and get ready to eat for those time slots. Don’t rely on your loved one’s hunger, as appetites tend to decline with age.

    If you’re experiencing some difficulty in looking after your loved one due to your work schedule, services of Home Health Aides could be something you can look into investing in.

  • Serve smaller portions of high-nutrient food.

    Some seniors may feel overwhelmed by large amounts of food. Make it easier for them to eat by serving smaller portions of healthy food.

    You can rely on Skilled Nursing in New York to make sure that your senior is eating only the best food during mealtimes.

  • Doing away with utensils

    Your senior’s unwillingness to eat could be stemming from their difficulty in eating with utensils. Try serving food like chicken strips, nuggets, or fish sticks to make things easier for them.

    Having little to no need for eating with utensils can make the activity easier for your loved one to manage. Don’t worry about cleaning up. Caregivers can handle all the Light Housekeeping for your senior.

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