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Ways to Boost Your Seniors Loved Ones’ Appetite

Ways to Boost Your Seniors Loved Ones’ Appetite

It is common among seniors to lose their appetite because of many reasons, like changes in their taste buds, the medications they take, and certain conditions they have. Although common, CAREPARK HOME CARE sees appetite loss a problem in seniors as it hinders them from receiving the proper nutrition that they need for good health. Our home health care agency in New York City, New York addresses this problem by practicing ways to stimulate their appetite every meal or snack time of the day.

Setting a time for each meal or snack time every day allows seniors’ bodies to recognize and get used to the time they need to eat. With this, a part of elderly care is making sure seniors eat the right amount of calories every day with these set meals or snack times.

Another way to boost seniors’ appetites is by serving a palate filled with not only colors but also nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Our skilled nursing in New York believes a colorful plate is more appetizing for seniors and, at the same time, ensures seniors receive their needed nutrients.

Food proportion is also a factor in seniors’ appetite. Their Caregiver should prepare food in smaller proportions as they may get overwhelmed over big sized meals and refuse to eat them instead.

Do you need any more help in caring for your seniors loved ones aside from their appetite loss? Contact us now as we provide light housekeeping as well.

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